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Your partner for e-learning solutions

Triagonal helps their customer to improve human performance through learning and technology.

Triagonal offers a fullscale of e-learning services and has established a reputation as a provider for learning projects that are critical to results.

For our customers:

  • Conceptualize

    We conceptualize and develop learning programmes

  • Reporting

    We offer sophisticated and tailored Reporting Systems

  • LMS

    We provide Learning Management Systems (LMS)


Our core services include the following areas of expertise
Course development

Selection of suitable course material
Assembling of the material
Approaches and methods
Selection of media
Production of media material
Integration of all course components
Completion of courses

Virtual Campus / LMS

Administration of single persons
Administration of groups of any size
Assignment to learning content
Central management of courses
Automated course administration
Worldwide data access
Tracking user activity
Reporting & Statistics
Assessments and certification

Community Management

Social Media Management
Newsletter Management
Calender activities
Knowledge Management


Requirements analysis
Strategy development
Design & Conception
Testing & Controlling


We are an internationally recognized e-learning expert and specialist in the field of sports
  • triagonal anti-doping


    “Triagonal Anti-Doping” is an interactive e-learning tool
    used internationally by NADO‘s to support their preventional activities.


    The objective of the tool is to raise the awareness of the athletes about the most important anti-doping topics.
    The structure of the tool is modular (different modules about the anti-doping subject).
    The target audience of the tool are athletes, coaches and medical staff.
    It offers a clearly structured, easy to understand, attractive and compact content.
    It offers tracking and reporting information for the controlling sport organisations.

    triagonal anti-doping
  • triagonal referee


    “Triagonal, Referee” is an interactive e-learning tool


    The target audience of the tool are referees, federation officials and athletes.
    The objective of the tool is to assure a uniform quality standard for the basic education.
    The structure of the tool is modular.
    It offers a clearly structured, easy to understand, attractive and compact content.
    It offers tracking and reporting information for the controlling sport organizations.
    triagonal referee
  • triagonal volleyquiz


    “Triagonal VolleyQuiz” is a learning tool for everybody

    googleplay    applestore

    The Triagonal VolleyQuiz is a learning tool for everybody interested in Volleyball Rules. The questions are based and constantly updated by specialists on the latest Rules of the Game.

    Version 1.0 offers hundreds of single choice questions i.e. only one answer is correct. The questions as well as the answers are randomly presented. Triagonal VolleyQuiz informs you if your choice was correct or wrong. At the end you get your Quiz Results.

    The Triagonal VolleyQuiz is a free, entertaining and diverting app made to enhance the World’s knowledge about Volleyball and its Rules.

    triagonal volleyquiz
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